But who knew Ancient Rome's concrete techniques could improve buildings today? Read more →

Deeply honoured to have made it among Real Estate Professional’s Hot List 2017 of 75 of the most influential individuals in Canadian Real Estate. Thank you to my wonderful team and clients who have trusted in our collective expertise and experience over the combined 60 years in the industry. On behalf of The Bagogloo Team, Thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you! Read more →

This type of technology could be a great help to people with older homes for whom wired systems can be expensive or destructive to install and also could save some cost and complexity from new construction builds by eliminating the need to rough in wiring during construction for alarms and sensors. It's also a novel idea for surveilling properties without physically watching the occupants- so you can monitor security or productivity without actually watching the people conduct their business. To read full article, Click Here Read more →

Canada is known for some of its amazing landscapes and views, these homes for sale embrace that, and add with their breathtaking architecture. Check them out here, all in one list. Read more →

If you are thinking of starting a household DIY project, The Tool Library offers an economical and sustainable solution with a selection of over 1,300 tools available for rent. Started in 2013 by a crowd funding campaign The Tool Library has substantially grown by donations from individuals and companies and a passionate group of volunteers. Click here to learn more about The Library Tool Read more →

The site of the formal coast guard property in Dartmouth has landed a $20 million government investment. The 8.5 acres of land owned by the Waterfront Development Corp. will be known as COVE, Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurs. As the name suggests the facility will be a place for researchers and businesses to come together, the facility is set to open April 2018. Read more →

The 2017 Housing Market Report: Halifax Real Estate Market Expected to Increase! The Halifax residential market has experienced positive growth in 2016 with average residential prices increasing by 4% over 2015. It is expected to continue an upward movement in 2017 thanks to an increase in immigration and the ongoing $26 billion Royal Canadian Navy Shipbuilding contract. View 2017 Housing Market Report Read more →